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You Suck
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We woke up one happy sunny ol' day, and umm.. damn you suck.
So, if you suck and you want to bitch about other people/things that suck...you've come to the right place. Don't let the username fool you. ;)

Yeah I know everyone hates rules, but we gotta have SOME if we want to keep this community up and running. Deal with it or blow it out your ass. We care not.

[1] Don't be a tard and deliberately do something that you KNOW will get your ass busted by the LJ Abuse Team ok? Use common sense
[2] Bitch. Yes, I said bitch. Bitch, moan, groan, complain, hate, whine, and be VERY dramatic. That's what this is for.
[3] This IS a place where you can complain about anyone or anything, but like it says on rule 1..use common sense. We would appreciate it if you didn't use people's usernames or full real names when ragging on them. Not only will that little helpful thing keep you out of trouble....it will keep US out of trouble as well. If you want to bitch about a specific LJ User...be prepared for the consequences. If that person you're slamming can't take the heat...they will bust your ass by reporting you to the abuse team. Keep that in mind when you bitch. We will not allow you to continue to use their name. You do it ONCE by "accident"...we will forgive you, but you may be forced to edit the username out of the entry depending on the actions your victim takes...if any. You keep on doing it...your butt WILL be kicked out of the community. It's not that we give a shit if you hurt their feelings or not; we just want to keep our own butts covered. Understood? Doubtful. You'll get the hang of things. If your understanding comes AFTER you get kicked out...so be it. Your problem...not ours.
[4] See LJ TOS. Check out sections XV & XVI.
If you read this you should know that stalking and harassing is NOT allowed. I know I know. Stop your crying. You can make things easier for your bitching by making your post Friends Only, if you wish.

Think you can handle all this? If not.....don't bother joining. If you CAN handle it...by all means....start your bitchin.

Direct any questions to:

Well, because hopefully I will know the answers since I am the one that runs this community.