FEEL my hate, bitches! Or something...

My turn. Btw...other people besides Topper and I are allowed to post, ya know.

MORE things I hate:

- Thinking about certain people from my past. Hurts. A lot. And it makes me wonder "What if..."
- The smell of ferret pooh
- My nextdoor neighbors and their idiot children
- Being lied to for no reason
- Slipknot
- Not being able to go to that damn dredg concert with Randall
- The Athens bus station and everything having to do with it. I want it to burn down.
- Soggy waffles(to go along with Topper's stale pancakes lol)
- Being blamed for shit I did NOT do(Had to steal that one)
- People who cheat on their significant others and then brag about it to their friends. Or...people who cheat in general. You suck.
- Walking through a spider web and then spending 20 minutes trying to figure out where the spider is on your body, because you just KNOW there IS one on you.
- Texas summer heat. UGH
- Really dirty cars
- Not having enough money to travel to places like Ireland and Scotland. (Topper, if I win the lottery...we can go, okay? haha)
- The color of my hair right now. Its all....weird. o.O
- All these idiot girls running around trying to look like/act like Avril. Die already, okay? Its not hard.
- Falling off the back of the couch
- The scabby phase your tattoo goes through. Its gross. That and I cant shave it until the scab is all gone. *sigh*
- The color yellow
- Driving in the Dallas area which I have to do on Wednesday. *twitch*
- Being nervous about going back to college in the fall.
- Being too chicken shit to email someone because I fear their reaction or..lack thereof
- Lupin III. I fucking hate that anime.
- Speaking of anime....I hate the idiots on the fucking Adult Swim mb that bitch about anime and how much it "sucks". Puhfuckingleeze. Er. Anyways..

Thats enough, for now.

If anyone has any ideas for a new icon or something...let me know. If you make one and you want to have it put up or it to me at Try to make it fit in with the theme of "hate" and things sucking. lol Thanks muchly!
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Ooooo... I wanna kill a mutha fucka...

Yet another list of HATES:

1. Not feeling the crack of another's teeth when I pound their face
2. Being unappriciated for my glorious achievments
3. Being blamed for shit I DID NOT do
4. Stale pancakes
5. Going out, meeting a great girl and smelling vomit on her breath
6. The fact that I DON'T speak Russian, French, Spanish or Itallian
7. The fact I have NOT gone to Irland yet
8. Realizing that my life sucks because of ME
9. Petty fights
10. Fighting after the situation's been resolved
11. Yappy dogs
12. Failing anything
13. The fact that I can be so inert at times
14. People who act like they're strong and independent, then leach onto you, inable to do the simplest things without you holding their fucking hand
15. Co-dependancy
16. Obsessive/Compulsiveness
17. Being lied to
18. Stepping in gum
19. Not having money to burn
20. People telling me how to do the simplest things (ie: having my intelegence insulted)
Road Kill
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**topper81 suggested that I post this here after he read it in my journal. So here ya go, Topper. heh**

I have a complaint. If you dont like it...tough shit.

After some recent events, a couple of conversations, and some observations...

Im really sick and tired of people dumping their friends, forgetting their friends, and basically treating people like shit simply because they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
Thats fucking WRONG people.

You dont just put your friends on the back burner because you have a new crush or because you want to get FUCKED. Grow up, you assholes.
Who the hell do you think is going to be there for you when your crush tells you to fuck off or when your boyfriend/girlfriend decides to screw someone behind your back(and you know they will)? YOUR FRIENDS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO BE THERE! Unless, of course, you've treated them so badly and you've ignored them to the point where they finally have had enough and they cut you off.

I hate it. I suppose they're not friends at all if they only want to be your friend when they're single or needing help.

Yeah. Kiss my ass. You fucking suck and you can go to hell, unless you're too cool to believe in that. Pfft.

*Note: If *I* can have a man and focus on both he AND my friends..then anyone else can do it. So there are no excuses. If you cant do both, you have a serious problem or you're just incredibly selfish. :)
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(no subject)

You know what I fucking hate?

I hate life. I hate everything that comes with it: feelings, taking, colors, sounds, being, existing, living, demanding, talking, eating, wanting, sleeping, giving, running, thinking, compromising, needing, etc, etc, etc...


I hate the fact that everything that's wrong in my life is my fucking fault. I hate the fact that my life is the way it is because of the things that I did or did not do. I hate thinking I'm the way I am because I chose to be this way and that the only thing that's ever held me back is my own damn self.

I fucking hate everything.

(no subject)

I hate when you throw up so much and so hard that it makes your head THROB. Its just a constant "Boom boom boom boom". Ahhhhh. Its making listening to music really difficult.

I hate not being in Austin yet. *Grrrr* better move to Austin and not freakin Houston!--

I hate having to wait three or so weeks before Geoff finally moves here.

I hate being hot. *pants*

I hate bad covers of songs.

I hate any and all MTV message boards. Fucking twits.

Oh thats enough. Im getting all queasy(sp?) again.

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late night stupidities...

You know what I hate?
I hate being teased.
I hate it when, after letting it go, while trying to drift off to sleep, the other person picks a fight.
I hate bickering.
I hate staying up late when tired, just to bicker over an issue that really cannot be resolved at the moment.
I hate appologizing, addmitting faults, and having the other person continue to push the subject as if nothing had been said.
I hate "beating a dead horse"; attempting to resolve the issue, then just arguing more and more over the same damn thing.
I hate being pushed into an argument.
I hate... alot of things right now.

But I do love venting. =) Ahhh... I feel mucho-bettero... mmmm... *hugs self*
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Things I Hate:
1. Morons
2. Working Late
3. Coming in early
4. Getting less than three hours of sleep every night for over a week
5. "Supiriors" (an awful word for the people in charge of you. Who the fuck dubbed them supirior??? And what right do they have to even think I'm inferior?)
6. People who pretend to be your friend, then roll over on you when it's time to step up to the plate.
7. Low Carb Beer
8. Liars
9. Being told to strip down an office and scrub the floor under the carpet an hour before it's time to go home. Then being told that you can't leave until it's finnished and all the furniture is back in the office, arranged in a new way.
10. If Work:Life, and Work:Sucky, then Life:Sucky.

I hate seeing my buddies get to go to Iraq and make a difference and waist stupid ass fucks while I'm stuck here with a non-deployable training unit, doing busy work.

I hate working sixty plus hours per week, then being told on Friday that I'll have to come in that weekend. I wish I worked at Inatech, then Milton could burn down my workplace... hehehe...
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Who are these people? Who do they think they are???

I hate closed minded, blind, propaganda polouted liberals who have nothing better to do than protest a war they don't understand and don't want to.

I hate hearing people say that this war is "about oil". Yes, I don't doubt that that plays a roll. I don't doubt that there may be some other than honorable intentions here. We are human, nothing is perfect. Instead, they choose to ignore the fact that the people of Iraq are being opressed, killed, and tourtured. The main reason your military force is over there, the main thought that is driving these troops isn't oil. It's the fact that they are liberating a nation, allowing people to enjoy the freedome of speach, press, rights to privacy, etc, etc, etc...

I hate the fact that these people protest while the war is waging. Obviously, you're protests aren't doing any good, otherwise the war wouldn't have started. Instead, try getting off your lazy asses and start writing letters to congressmen! Flood their offices with petitions! It's easy to ignore morons chanting while raising home made signs with moronic slogans; all a polititian has to do is flip the channel on a protest! They cannot ignore what is the very basis of their political world: the black and white of print and paper!

I hate the fact that people think that protesting is the answer. For God's sake people! If these troops over in Iraq, our brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers are accross the globe and the only thing they see on their limited news coverage over there are protests, how do you think this will effect their will to live? They will see the war they are fighting as superficial and selfish, and won't care. They'll let their guard down and, consiquently, get a bullet in the back. Don't do this to them! The war has started! Send them letters! Show support, if not for your country, for the men and woman who are fighting to defend the freedome of an oppressed people! If you simply must remain negitive durring this military action, try and at least accomplish somthing positive! Either that, or shut your fucking mouth!

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