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Give me a JINGLE!!

I absolutly, more than anything, hate waiting for people to call. Especially boys. Especially when it was THEIR idea to get together (and you're not really all that into the idea of a boy anyways) and you're sitting there at home, waiting for them to call. Even though you've been house sitting all week and really you should be there, but went completly out of your way to come home (it's closer) so you could call him, and "get together". I'm just to mad to type!!

It messes up the day. I have other things to do. BETTER things to do. Things i'd rather be doing, and would be more fun than hanging out with.. him. I'll just forget about his irrisponsible, noncommunitive, immiture ass and never get together with him again. I don't like him anyways.

I hate not having a girlfriend. >.
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