Caillech (caillech) wrote in cuddlyfurballs,

Well damn.

I guess seeing as how I originally started this ass should be making sure it stays FRESH.

But ya gets hard to do that sometimes.

So lets see here...Ive got some hate going on for things that suck.

What sucks in my life right now:

- My husband's job and the possibility that he is just going to up and quit without having a back up plan.
- The damn storms, lately. Just on and off. On and off!
- The Olympics this year is kind of sucky. Could be worse, though.
- The fact that I keep getting bitten by spiders and other nasty critters.
- And yeah...I have a really bad feeling about things right now and THAT sucks most of all.

Kind of a sucky SUCK post, but oh well. There ya go.

**If you have any suggestions on making this community better....feel free to share in comments or a post of your own.**
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