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Feel the hate.

I realized i haven't posted in this for awhile. So here comes the hate. Go get something to eat and be happy. Or this is the time to go to the bathroom, but you never got around to, because you're talking and posting. =)

1.) I hate being cold. I'm always cold, like now. I'm icy to the touch.
2.) I don't like kevin at the moment. I don't need to hear about my "attractiveness" or how i'm so hot, because i live and breathe in my body. lol it's not that i don't like compliments, it's just when he can't even say anything remotely intelligent. I can't even put on my underwear or bras now without thinking of him. I do, because he always has to know what color and kind of underwear i have, and he loves my breasts too much.
3.)9/11 and the people that caused this.
4.)People who don't take showers, even though they can.
5.)Europeans that think they're better than Americans.
6.)Living in my house. It's too small. I won't be surprised if it bursts one day.

I'll stop for now, or i'll just get myself in a bad mood lol.
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