Caillech (caillech) wrote in cuddlyfurballs,

Hello, Haters!

Ive decided to talk about something that bugs me, today.

Why must most of the really cool people live far away? With the exception of people like Topper and Randall and a couple of others....all the kickass people I talk to live either waaaay over in the East or waaaaay over in the West. OR..even a couple of them have to live in the freaking Middle East or the Netherlands. *sigh* Its just not fair.
I neeeeeed these people close by. >.< Im not a little rich girl. I cant just whip out some money and go visit all these people when I feel like it. I think Id be a much happier person if I could actually SEE and hang out with all my friends regularly. But nooooooooo. I cant. And the thing is...Ive really come to love my state. Not this town, in particular, but just the state of Texas. It really is great. But...more people just need to live HERE. hehe Im still determined to buy a big island(when I win the lottery) and move all my friends there. Ive decided that they can all have their own homes and everything. *sigh*
I can dream, cant I?????

Anyways...this was just a weak rant about how I want my friends closer. *shrug*

While Im on here, though....I'll tell everyone once again that Im looking for new icons so HELP THE FUCK OUT, YOU LAZY POOFS! Geez. Give the mistress of your community a hand here! Oh and you should send much love to your other community mistress, hentaiqueen. We have been without her presence far too long.

I go. Remember....KEEP HATIN! =D
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