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I hate doctors.

I hate having to go to the doctor.
I hate sitting here, this early, dialing that damn number trying to get an appointment, only to have that STUPID message come on saying "We are closed. If this is an emergency, please call 911..." and so on. YOU'RE NOT CLOSED! I KNOW YOU'RE SITTING THERE! YOU'RE JUST NOT PICKING UP THE BLOODY PHONE! Bitches.
I hate waiting and waiting and waiting for them to finally admit being open and picking up the damn phone when it actually rings. I mean, wtf? Do they think that Im just calling because I want an appointment to come and visit with my doctor since its been oh so long since Ive seen him? NO! I HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS FIXIN, DAMMIT!
I hate getting to the doctors and having to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of hacking/coughing morons. They need to put THOSE kind of sick people in another room. I dont need a damn cough to add to my problems.
I hate seeing the doctor and having him go "Hmmm. Yes. Uh huh. Okay. Hmmm." for 10 minutes while he stares at me! They get paid for mumbling. You know that, right?

I just hate going to the doctor. Going to the doctor MAKES me sick.
And I hate my head for making me have to go. Stupid headaches and bumps. Argh.
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