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Why Do People Insist On Pissing Me Off??

Work was actually good/ok today.It went by nicely..I had all my work done by 4pm.So all I had to do was wait for my relief to come in at 5pm so I could leave & get to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription before they close at 6pm…

So my relief comes in..I tell her that all is done and that I didn’t cash out the one cashier cause I didn’t know if this one cashier was coming in cause she was sick yester day & I didn’t wanna leave her short or nothing.She was cool with this..But I was all set to leave and she was like oh is such & such cashed out..And I was like no..And here it is I thought she was gonna do it…So I go into the other office pissed as hell and start to cash out the girl..But then my boss (second in charge…Not the bitch) asked me what was going on..So I told here & she let me go cause she knew that I had to get my meds & it was important and all..

So I leave.And needless to say.I got to the pharmacy & they were already closed..And I really need the meds.I can’t really miss a day.You know??Maybe I can get Chris to get them for me tomorrow before he goes to work tomorrow..

My main bitch here is that one second she was cool with and then next se wasn’t..I hate crap like that…Well enough pf my ranting for now..
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