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My teacher can burn.. 
10:13pm 09/05/2006
mood: blank
I hate my teacher. The guy can burn in hell for all I care. He leaves on tournaments for basketball, and leaves us with the worst substitute teacher... Almost failed my last test because of him, so I don't wanna experience that again.

Other people/things that can burn:

-This kid in my music class
-The dude who sits behind me in Bio
-Those cheap dollar store pencils that break to easily
-The fedora hat that my friend let me borrow for Halloween (Stupid thing was too big on me)
-Caillech for taking so long to approve me :P (Just kidding on that one. I don't mind)

My ranting is done. Sayonara suckers! >D

11:21pm 01/11/2005
  My God this community sucks.

And I can say that. Its my damn community.

Hm. What else sucks? I shall make a list because Im good at shit like that.

- My life
- Money
- Blockbuster
- Suckers that make your tongue burn
- Children
- Terrorists
- Tangles
- Sticky fingers
- Stepping in dog crap in your good shoes(or uh..ANY shoes)
- Insects
- Headaches
- Sluts(female OR male)
- Running out of ink
- Evil bitches that dont deserve anything positive happening to them, yet they seem to have all the good fortune

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01:14pm 25/10/2004
  I apologize to everyone for the bullshit on your friends page if you watch this community. I am in the process of deleting it all.
Ive removed all the ANNOYING asshole users and have banned them as well. Every member now has to come through me to be added. Its sad it came to that, but oh well. I will clean this up as soon as possible.
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12:09am 14/10/2004
mood: annoyed
I hate ads, or pictures that people put WHEREVER that're TOO GODDAMNED BIG.

I HATE having to scroll just to fucking READ someone's JOURNAL ENTRY.

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05:04pm 13/10/2004
  I DESPISE people who feel inclined to ride their bikes in the middle of the street. C'mon PEOPLE!!! WE HAVE SIDEWALKS FOR A REASON!!!! If you want to utilize the streets, USE A CAR, or a bus or a truck or some other gas-powered vehicle. THEY WASTE MY LIFE.  
10:22pm 12/10/2004

Let me make something clear, while staying on the topic of things I dont like.

I dont like people jumping into other communities simply to promote one of their own.

That being said...


Doing so will result in your post not only being deleted, but you going BYE BYE from this community.

Dont like it? ...Yeah I dont care.

Wanna promote communities? DO IT HERE = promo_community
Thats what its there for.
03:17am 02/10/2004
  I really...really really...really fucking HATE driving in the rain. Especially HEAVY rain with lots of wind.

And to make matters WORSE...
I hate driving in really heavy rain with a BROKEN WINDSHIELD WIPER!!!!!

Yeah. Just so you know and all...
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01:14am 30/09/2004
  I hate when people talk shit when you don't have a job
fuckin mind your own shit

I also hate that people who hate are given such a bad wrap and called 'haters'. Hate as much as you want, you only live once.
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Give me a JINGLE!! 
02:41pm 24/08/2004
mood: irritated
I absolutly, more than anything, hate waiting for people to call. Especially boys. Especially when it was THEIR idea to get together (and you're not really all that into the idea of a boy anyways) and you're sitting there at home, waiting for them to call. Even though you've been house sitting all week and really you should be there, but went completly out of your way to come home (it's closer) so you could call him, and "get together". I'm just to mad to type!!

It messes up the day. I have other things to do. BETTER things to do. Things i'd rather be doing, and would be more fun than hanging out with.. him. I'll just forget about his irrisponsible, noncommunitive, immiture ass and never get together with him again. I don't like him anyways.

I hate not having a girlfriend. >.
12:28am 21/08/2004
mood: annoyed
I hate rumor mills.

I hate people who can't accept certain things about certain people.

10:04pm 20/08/2004
  Well damn.

I guess seeing as how I originally started this community...my ass should be making sure it stays FRESH.

But ya know...it gets hard to do that sometimes.

So lets see here...Ive got some hate going on for things that suck.

What sucks in my life right now:

- My husband's job and the possibility that he is just going to up and quit without having a back up plan.
- The damn storms, lately. Just on and off. On and off!
- The Olympics this year is kind of sucky. Could be worse, though.
- The fact that I keep getting bitten by spiders and other nasty critters.
- And yeah...I have a really bad feeling about things right now and THAT sucks most of all.

Kind of a sucky SUCK post, but oh well. There ya go.

**If you have any suggestions on making this community better....feel free to share in comments or a post of your own.**
05:23pm 20/08/2004
  I hate that the last post in this community was over a year ago:P  
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You Know What Sucks 
06:26pm 04/11/2003
mood: confused
Trying to figure out what to eat.Should I spend $$ and get some take out.Or should I make something I have in the house.
08:03pm 15/09/2003

It needs to.. DIE.

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Feel the hate. 
09:31pm 07/09/2003
mood: accomplished
I realized i haven't posted in this for awhile. So here comes the hate. Go get something to eat and be happy. Or this is the time to go to the bathroom, but you never got around to, because you're talking and posting. =)

1.) I hate being cold. I'm always cold, like now. I'm icy to the touch.
2.) I don't like kevin at the moment. I don't need to hear about my "attractiveness" or how i'm so hot, because i live and breathe in my body. lol it's not that i don't like compliments, it's just when he can't even say anything remotely intelligent. I can't even put on my underwear or bras now without thinking of him. I do, because he always has to know what color and kind of underwear i have, and he loves my breasts too much.
3.)9/11 and the people that caused this.
4.)People who don't take showers, even though they can.
5.)Europeans that think they're better than Americans.
6.)Living in my house. It's too small. I won't be surprised if it bursts one day.

I'll stop for now, or i'll just get myself in a bad mood lol.
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10:51am 31/08/2003
mood: bitchy
I hate

1. hunching over to type
2. no coffee upon waking
3. forgetting weather a person wants tea or coffee
4. realizing that there are only so many hours in the day
5. the fact that there aren't more hours in a day
6. not being sure of anything
7. being where I am
8. silent, non-smelly farts (what's the point?)
9. monkeys that throw their shit at you
10. not making enough to get a tattoo right now
11. not being a millionair (cause that would be fun)
12. not knowing where my ride is
13. leaving my shit in a chick's car, of whom I do not know
14. stupidity (mine or other's)
15. your mom
16. those little dogs that won't shut the fuck up.

and indecicivness. I hate that too...
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05:10pm 19/08/2003
  Hello, Haters!

Ive decided to talk about something that bugs me, today.

Why must most of the really cool people live far away? With the exception of people like Topper and Randall and a couple of others....all the kickass people I talk to live either waaaay over in the East or waaaaay over in the West. OR..even a couple of them have to live in the freaking Middle East or the Netherlands. *sigh* Its just not fair.
I neeeeeed these people close by. >.< Im not a little rich girl. I cant just whip out some money and go visit all these people when I feel like it. I think Id be a much happier person if I could actually SEE and hang out with all my friends regularly. But nooooooooo. I cant. And the thing is...Ive really come to love my state. Not this town, in particular, but just the state of Texas. It really is great. But...more people just need to live HERE. hehe Im still determined to buy a big island(when I win the lottery) and move all my friends there. Ive decided that they can all have their own homes and everything. *sigh*
I can dream, cant I?????

Anyways...this was just a weak rant about how I want my friends closer. *shrug*

While Im on here, though....I'll tell everyone once again that Im looking for new icons so HELP THE FUCK OUT, YOU LAZY POOFS! Geez. Give the mistress of your community a hand here! Oh and you should send much love to your other community mistress, hentaiqueen. We have been without her presence far too long.

I go. Remember....KEEP HATIN! =D
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08:09am 17/07/2003
mood: bitchy
I hate doctors.

I hate having to go to the doctor.
I hate sitting here, this early, dialing that damn number trying to get an appointment, only to have that STUPID message come on saying "We are closed. If this is an emergency, please call 911..." and so on. YOU'RE NOT CLOSED! I KNOW YOU'RE SITTING THERE! YOU'RE JUST NOT PICKING UP THE BLOODY PHONE! Bitches.
I hate waiting and waiting and waiting for them to finally admit being open and picking up the damn phone when it actually rings. I mean, wtf? Do they think that Im just calling because I want an appointment to come and visit with my doctor since its been oh so long since Ive seen him? NO! I HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS FIXIN, DAMMIT!
I hate getting to the doctors and having to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of hacking/coughing morons. They need to put THOSE kind of sick people in another room. I dont need a damn cough to add to my problems.
I hate seeing the doctor and having him go "Hmmm. Yes. Uh huh. Okay. Hmmm." for 10 minutes while he stares at me! They get paid for mumbling. You know that, right?

I just hate going to the doctor. Going to the doctor MAKES me sick.
And I hate my head for making me have to go. Stupid headaches and bumps. Argh.
Why Do People Insist On Pissing Me Off?? 
07:20pm 05/07/2003
mood: annoyed
Work was actually good/ok today.It went by nicely..I had all my work done by 4pm.So all I had to do was wait for my relief to come in at 5pm so I could leave & get to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription before they close at 6pm…

So my relief comes in..I tell her that all is done and that I didn’t cash out the one cashier cause I didn’t know if this one cashier was coming in cause she was sick yester day & I didn’t wanna leave her short or nothing.She was cool with this..But I was all set to leave and she was like oh is such & such cashed out..And I was like no..And here it is I thought she was gonna do it…So I go into the other office pissed as hell and start to cash out the girl..But then my boss (second in charge…Not the bitch) asked me what was going on..So I told here & she let me go cause she knew that I had to get my meds & it was important and all..

So I leave.And needless to say.I got to the pharmacy & they were already closed..And I really need the meds.I can’t really miss a day.You know??Maybe I can get Chris to get them for me tomorrow before he goes to work tomorrow..

My main bitch here is that one second she was cool with and then next se wasn’t..I hate crap like that…Well enough pf my ranting for now..
The Heat 
02:25am 28/06/2003
  I hate the heat.It make me nuts
It make me annoyed at everyone & everything
The makes me a super bitch.

Did I mention I hate the heat??
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